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$50,000 Movie Prop Money



So you want to start in a movie or be Instagram styling like a baller, a shot caller?  This is 50,000 movie prop money.  This is the real deal of fake money, not the cheesy look.  The prop stacks will look worn, torn, stain, water, etc..  the way real money is.  Each stack consist of 1 color one sided top prints and 1 color one sided back prints with BLANK FILLER PAPER in between.  Stacks can be separated from rubber bans but the money straps cannot be removed.  Printed on high quality paper and cut with precision machine cutters.  WARNING DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PASS OFF AS REAL MONEY TO MAKE PURCHASES.

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PROP MONEY USED, STAINED & DISTRESSED LOOK $50,000 Blank Paper Filler Pack...

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$ 35.00




$50,000 Movie Prop Money