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F*ck Feelings

F*ck Feelings

The only self-help book you’ll ever need, from a psychiatrist and his comedy writer daughter, who will help you put aside your unrealistic wishes, stop trying to change things you can’t change, and do the best with what you can control—the first steps to managing all of life’s impossible problems. F*ck Feelings ...

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Venus of Cupertino – iPad Docking Station

Venus of Cupertino – iPad Docking Station

Venus of Cupertino by Scott Eaton is a sculptural docking station inspired by the curvaceous forms and symbolism of ancient Venus figurines.  Venus is a fully functional iPad docking station.  A USB cable emerges from a number of points under the sculpture and fits any USB port or Apple power adaptor for syncing ...

The Pug Mask

The Pug Mask

This Pug Mask is made of plush faux fur, with extra hanging down in the front and back to tuck into your clothes.  Enjoy this unusual mask around the office, home or Halloween.  This Pug Mask is realistic it can get, the jaw is hinged, so that it will open and close its mouth as you do.  An awesome mask to wear ...

Macintosh iPad Stand

Macintosh iPad Stand

This is an unusual good idea, an old Macintosh iPad stand.  The idea turning a Macintosh into a iPad stand come from the Japanese blog Site Hirac.   Good luck with the translation unless you can read/speak Japanese.  So grab your old condition vintage Macintosh computer and transform it into a Macintosh iPad stand.

Sausage Stress Relief Squeeze Toy

Sausage Stress Relief Squeeze Toy

This is a fake sausage stress relief squeeze toy.  An awesome gag gift for your friends.  This awesome gag gift can be your personal sausage stress relief squeeze toy to release that build up stressful times at the office.  Feel relieve by grabbing your sausage stress relief squeeze toy.     ...

Gross Smokers Prankster Mug -20%

Gross Smokers Prankster Mug

This is a good hilarious way to get your friends or family to quit smoking.  What can be more disgusting than an coffee mug full of crushed out cigarette butts?  Pull off this hilarious prank with this plain white mug.  Watch how this will gross out anyone once they sip to the last drop with a surprise at the ...

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Sphero BB-8 App-Controlled Droid

Sphero BB-8 App-Controlled Droid

  Meet BB-8™ - the App-Enabled Droid™ that's as authentic as it is advanced. BB-8™ has something unlike any other robot - an adaptive personality that changes as you play. Based on your interactions, BB-8™ will show a range of expressions and even perk up when you give voice commands. Set it to patrol and ...

Payphone with Push Button Technology -22%

Payphone with Push Button Technology

The very familiar 3-slot style payphone was first introduced in the 1950's and remained virtually unchanged until 1965. This appropriately christened prepay-style pay station will take you back to the days of old fashioned phone booths and 10-cent phone calls. Believe it or not, its predecessor was a post ...

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Rubik’s Cube Lamp

Rubik’s Cube Lamp

  Pick up this innovative desk light and start twisting and turning it just like a real Rubik's Cube! Rechargeable, the Rubik's Cube Light will allow you two hours playing time once fully charged. When not in use it can be mounted on a triangular base and connected directly to a power source using the USB ...

Horse Head Mask -28%

Horse Head Mask

This is a Horse Head Mask that you wear this to look very downright disturbing.  A latex mask with realistic fur mane.  So if you're feeling a little "Unusual", wear this mask to your next social meeting and watch as people scramble to avoid you.  Or play a Godfather prank.

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Speedometer Car Watch -80%

Speedometer Car Watch

Time is moving with speed.  Take a look at this speedometer car watch and see the minute hand of this awesome watch zoom from zero to sixty in one hour.  Unusual gauges, that displays the numbers 1 to 12 for the hour and the other displaying 5 to 55 for the minutes.  A cool and "Unusual" gift for car enthusiasts. ...

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Wine’O Bottle Bag -20%

Wine’O Bottle Bag

This is an "Unusual" Wine'O Bottle Bag that looks like a crumbled up old brown paper bag.  You can reuse this Wine'O Bottle Bag that's made from a super strong non-woven fabric, and is insulated inside to keep your wine nice and cool, just like you.  

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