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Red LED Laser Rear Tail Brake Fog Light

Red LED Laser Rear Tail Brake Fog Light

This is a red LED rear tail brake fog light that's attaches to the back of your vehicle.  The red LED laser light display a line on the ground to help drivers behind to have vision of your vehicle in foggy weathers.  Addition to foggy weather, also perfect for rain,sand, or hail storm.  You might want to check the ...

Sphero BB-8 App-Controlled Droid

Sphero BB-8 App-Controlled Droid

  Meet BB-8™ - the App-Enabled Droid™ that's as authentic as it is advanced. BB-8™ has something unlike any other robot - an adaptive personality that changes as you play. Based on your interactions, BB-8™ will show a range of expressions and even perk up when you give voice commands. Set it to patrol and ...

The R2-D2 Humidifier

The R2-D2 Humidifier

This is the tabletop R2-D2 who remedies room dryness with a humidifier built into his domed head and he is only available from Hammacher Schlemmer. Stealthily quiet, this astromech droid employs ultrasonic technology to dispense a gentle soothing mist rather than the loud fans of lesser civilizations that can be ...

IO HAWK Intelligent Personal Mobility Device -20%

IO HAWK Intelligent Personal Mobility Device

  This intelligent personal mobility device brings a fun element to the way you see, move, and connect with the world. The IO HAWK reaches a top speed: of 6.2 MPH and is operated by simply shifting your weight forward on the foot grips. It takes under 5 minutes to get familiar with IO HAWK and 30 minutes to ...

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Speakal iBoo

Speakal iBoo

Speakal iBoo will scare you with fantastic supernatural speaker system, boasting 15 spooky watts of sound and a universal iPod dock. Play and charge most docking iPods.  Also, a cool "Unusual"  on-board navigation humanized touch volume control and music navigation that appears on the ghost's "head" for convenient ...

Hip Hop Dancing Robot Speaker -28%

Hip Hop Dancing Robot Speaker

This is a body-popping dancing hip hop robot.  Watch this robot display his latest move, with a simply plug and play.  Choose your favorite jam and watch this "Unusual" robot bounce, and pop to the tunes.    

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BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer

BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer

  Before you decide to drive or if have any doubt that you're buzzing, check this "Unusual" small portable mobile breathalyzer for your smartphones.  Instantly transform your smartphone into a police-grade breathalyzer.  Quickly and easily estimate your blood alcohol content (BAC), track your BAC results ...

Digital Treasures ChargeIt! -43%

Digital Treasures ChargeIt!

You'll never have to be stranded with a dead car battery or drained smartphone anymore.  This portable power pack and jump starter is a multipurpose portable pack that charges all of your mobile devices and jump start your car, boat, motorcycle and more.  Keep it in the car and never get stranded and having to ask ...

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Phonestand Handset -51%

Phonestand Handset

Cool "Unusual"  handset stand that can fits virtually most wireless phones using 3.5 mm headphone plugs.  This stand holds your phone and lets you charge it while docked.  This device is versatile enough to replace your home phone.  

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Squirming Tentacle

Squirming Tentacle

  Ugh! Look at this .  Just plug it into your USB port of your computer and watch the squirm and wiggle like a one armed octopus trying to reach out for escape.  

Butterfly in a Jar -53%

Butterfly in a Jar

  You like collecting butterflies?  I know I did when I was a kid, poor butterfly in a jar, helpless trapped in a jar and then died.  This is a Electric Butterfly in a Jar.  A butterfly that flies in the jar without the sad dying ending.  Electronic Butterfly in a Jar is an endless enjoyment.   ...

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