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$50,000 Movie Prop Money

$50,000 Movie Prop Money

    So you want to start in a movie or be Instagram styling like a baller, a shot caller?  This is 50,000 movie prop money.  This is the real deal of fake money, not the cheesy look.  The prop stacks will look worn, torn, stain, water, etc..  the way real money is.  Each stack consist of 1 color one ...

Wireless Headphone Ear Warmers

Wireless Headphone Ear Warmers

  Stay warm this winter with these ear warmers with integrated speakers that connect wirelessly to a smartphone, allowing you to listen to music or answer calls without exposing ears to the cold.  Connects to an iPhone, Android, or Windows smartphone using Bluetooth and support both Siri and Google Now voice ...

Call Me Gloves -38%

Call Me Gloves

  Hey "Call Me"!   You can actually make a cell phone call by assuming the universal "call me" gesture. These gloves have a speaker inside the left thumb and a microphone inside the left pinkie, wearers simply hold the thumb to the ear and the pinkie to the mouth for convenient “two-digit” calling. The gloves ...

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AntWorks Illuminated Blue -31%

AntWorks Illuminated Blue

The AntWorks Illuminator is the Perfect Bedside or Shelf Accessory. Designed to illustrate many magical aspects of our world, Fascinations products will cause you to react with amazement and ask “What makes that work?” or “How is that possible?”

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Star Wars Plush Talking Chewbacca

Star Wars Plush Talking Chewbacca

This 15" talking recreation of absolutely everyone’s favorite Wookie from the popular Star Wars movies makes his infamous growl when his tummy is pressed. Chewbacca's ultra luxe fur is almost as soft as silk. He is the perfect companion for anyone who has ever wanted a furry co-pilot of their own.

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Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt

Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt

The Star Trek Oven Mitt is made of 100% cotton and is lined and filled with 100% polyester. Not only does this Oven Mitt protect you beautifully, it also greets you with a warm Vulcan sign of peace. No longer will you have to choose between burning your food or burning your hands! The Star Trek Oven Mitt is too ...

Perfect Drink Smart Bartending -29%

Perfect Drink Smart Bartending

  Have you always wanted to be bartender? You didn't know the ingredients or that right amount to pour to make that perfect drink?  Smart Bartending gives you real-time pouring instructions for hundreds of drink recipes.  You can connect your iOS device (running iOS 5.1+) or Android and download the FREE app ...

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DCI Yummy Pocket, Hamburger -18%

DCI Yummy Pocket, Hamburger

Store your belongings in this yummy shaped pocket. Two pockets in one with magnetic closure. Fun, three dimensional photo printed pouch looks like a real hamburger. Zippered pouches fit small accessories such as phones, pens, lip gloss, money and credit cards.    

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Nike+ FuelBand First Generation

Nike+ FuelBand First Generation

Measures your everyday activity and turns it into NikeFuel, a universal metric of activity. Keeps you motivated through daily goals and achievements.  Tracks calories burned, steps taken and tells time.  Displays your progress in real time.

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